Monday, March 17, 2014

How Does My Faith Fit in Today's World?

Hello everyone!

Hope all of you are well, I want to reach out to those of us in the world who are of the young generation.

We are faced with a lot of pressure in today's world. What makes us who we are? How and who do we identify ourselves with? Why? Why does any of it matter? What could God possibly want from us? And how do we figure out what that is?

As a nursing student, and young adult, I am faced with these questions a lot. For awhile, I made myself believe that the only way I could have an identity was through others. Through friends, a relationship, how people thought of me.

But what I have come to realize is that my identity is through Christ. I am in a constant battle with the world. Just like all of us. We are faced everyday with the choices to follow God or turn away from Him. My identity does not lie in how people see me, but how God sees me. He knows what is best for me. And He knows exactly where I should go. If I place my trust in His plan and let go of my own ideas, my life will fall into place. All these questions that haunt me will be answered. Because through God, I am no longer blind, but able to see things beyond anything I could imagine without Him.

So for those of you out there struggling, take a minute and think about the things that you identify yourself with. And try to picture a life with God at your side rather than hidden in a corner of your mind. Let God guide you. He loves you. He loves me. And no matter what you are going through, what pressures you are under, you will prevail if you simply give God the control.

Have faith everyone, and remember the loyalty of Saint Michael. He is an amazing example of strength and power through God.

Here is a new song by one of my favorite bands that I find powerful and true about the endless Love of Christ.


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